Multichain Stableswap

Swap stablecoins at minimal slippage and stake at maximum yield. Just one stablecoin currency to earn it all.



Say goodbye to slippage and hello to higher yields. At Wombat, anything is possible.


Maximize Capital Utilization

Wombat's open liquidity pool design aggregates liquidity in a shared pool intricately balanced by Coverage Ratios, providing greater capital efficiency.


Increase Scalability

Wombat's flexible liquidity pools allow staking with a single token, which facilitates liquidity growth without the need for complex maneuvers.


More User Friendly

Wombat helps users swap tokens and earn interest on any stablecoin currency across various blockchains via an intuitive UI.


Minimize Slippage Rate

Wombat uses an asset to liability model and negates slippage until higher transaction amounts and reduces slippage when it occurs!


Other Stableswaps

Wombat Exchange

Pool Design

Closed Pools

Open Liquidity Pool

Deposit Method

Multiple Tokens

Single Token

UX Design





Very Low

Asset Scalability


Very Well

Capital Efficiency


To BNB Chain

and Beyond

The Wombat team is busy preparing for our debut on BNB Chain. More to come!

2021 Q4

Complete Seed Round

Team Community Formation

Binance Incubation 3

Core Contracts Completed

Finalization of Tokenomics

2022 Q1

Complete Private Round

Binance Incubation Demo Day

Binance MVBIV

Testnet Launch

Security Audits

Whitepaper Release

2022 Q2

Mainnet Launch on BNB Chain

Bug Bounty Launch

More Native Stablecoins

Adding Bridged Stablecoins

Bridging Protocol Partnership

2022 Q3

Permissioned Sidepool

Innovative Stablecoins

Ecosystem Partnerships

veWOM Governance/Proposals Voting

Preparation For Wombat Labs Incubation

2022 Q4

Launch Of Wombat Incubation Labs

Partnerships With Various Protocols

Multi-chain Deployment

Stay Tuned For More!

Meet Our Investors

Mavericks & Pioneers

Wombat Exchange has put together a solid and experienced team to develop a stableswap that has the potential to significantly advance the growth of DeFi. We’re looking forward to seeing Wombat’s meaningful contribution to the BNB Chain and its adoption in the multichain world.

Yat Siu
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
Animoca Brands

We were impressed by Wombat’s innovation, and we strongly believe in their contribution to the ecosystem. Their algorithm and solution are pioneering and will support the protocols that will shape the future of DeFi for the better.

Seng Huang Lee
Hailstone Ventures Advisor & Group Executive Chairman of Sun Hung Kai & Co

Stablecoins are the fundamental backbone of DeFi yet they bring a set of challenges, like building efficient stableswaps, that first-generation protocols still have trouble overcoming. With a world-class team, Wombat Exchange has pioneered an incredibly ingenious and mathematically sound product to solve many of those challenges, and is well positioned to build additional DeFi primitives that push the boundary of crypto innovation as we know it today. We are inspired by what Wombat can achieve and are excited to be on this journey with them.

Yida Gao
General Partner
Shima Capital

Wombat is a next generation stable swap exchange that introduces elegant design principles such as invariant curve and asset liability management for computational efficiency and improving liquidity. Furthermore, leveraging Wormhole’s generic message passing protocol, Wombat offers seamless native swaps across multiple chains.

Saurabh Sharma
Partner & Head of Ventures
Jump Crypto

Get To Know The Team

Experts & Enthusiasts


aka Wommander in Chief

Quant Trader and Blockchain Engineer with extensive experience in crypto, project management, and portfolio management.


Chief Technology Officer

Crypto OG and Blockchain Engineer with an entrepreneurial background ranging over DeFi, banking, and social enterprises.


Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing expert with years of experience in crypto and traditional finance. Skilled at scaling projects from inception to operation.


Advisor to Wombat

Founder of Platypus Finance; bonafide crypto OG, revolutionary tokenomics designer, and loyal friend to Wombat!

Our Auditors

The Blockchain Investigators

Our Bug Bounty Hunter

The Cybersecurity Genius


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